Green Giant’s Harvest Protein Bowls go from freezer to table

Green Giant is looking to help simplify mealtime for consumers.

The brand unveiled its new Harvest Protein Bowls, which go from freezer to table in less than six minutes and contain about 12-to-14 g of protein per bowl.

Featured flavors in the product line include:

  • Asian style, which contains a fusion of ancient grains and a vegetable medley that is lightly glazed in sweet teriyaki;

  • Southwest style, which has rustic grains, beans and vegetables dressed with lime and a dash of cumin;

  • Italian style, which features a mix of wheat berries, lentils and vegetables lightly seasoned with parmesan and herb sauce; and

  • California style, which has a Pacific Coast blend of quinoa, lentils and vegetables lightly glazed in lemon and herb sauce.

All four varieties of the Harvest Protein Bowls are available for purchase at select grocery retailers nationwide.

Further information on the line or products can be found on the company’s website.