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Helen of Troy completes acquisition of Pur from P&G


EL PASO, Texas — Helen of Troy has become the new owner of the Pur water purification products business, the company announced Tuesday.

The company previously announced its intent to acquire Pur Water Purification Products company — including the worldwide Pur trademark, its current and future product line, assets related to the operations of the Pur business, manufacturing equipment and more than 200 patents — from Procter & Gamble in December.

The acquisition, Helen of Troy and P&G said, does not include P&G's Children's Safe Drinking Water corporate philanthropy program, adding that the powder product and patents used in that program will remain with P&G, who will transition that effort to the P&G corporate name.

Helen of Troy chairman, president and CEO Gerald Rubin said it expects the Pur business will garner $110 million in sales on an annual basis.

"We expect to quickly integrate the Pur brands into our healthcare/home environment segment, where it is a natural fit," Rubin said. "The category shares the segment's current customer base, target audience, and product focus areas. Pur adds an important brand to our strong portfolio of well-recognized and widely-trusted brands for our retail partners and consumers, and is in line with our overall corporate strategy of adding businesses with value-added consumables, such as the proprietary filters that are important in this category."

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