Hiball Energy shifts from glass bottles to Ball aluminum cans


BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Hiball Energy said its line of reformulated sparkling energy waters and organic energy drinks now are packaged in cold-activated, lightweight 16-oz. aluminum cans developed by Ball.

The new can package features "cold activation" graphics using thermochromic ink by Chromatic Technologies. When cans reach a temperature of 45 degrees F, the bubbles on the can graphics turn from white to blue — indicating that the beverage inside is at the optimal temperature for drinking.

"Our choice to move from 10-oz. glass bottles to 16-oz. aluminum cans is the result of consumer demand for a larger size with a more portable packaging option," Hiball founder and president Todd Berardi said. "Hiball's customers ultimately win by getting 60% more volume, 30% lower cost per oz., and 100% more energy fueled by premium organic and fair trade ingredients — all packaged in lighter, more portable and 100% recyclable aluminum cans."

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