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Jelly Belly creates magic with ‘Harry Potter’ collection

Jelly Belly is looking to bring some serious magic to consumers taste buds.

The Fairfield, Calif.-based company announced that it has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on a new line of “Harry Potter”-inspired products.

The seven series-inspired chocolate and gummy lines contain everything Potter fans would love, from Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans gift box to Chocolate Frog collectible cards. The complete lineup includes:

  • Chocolate Wands, which come in replicas of the ones carried by Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, and include a sheet of spells;

  • Chocolate House Crests, which includes four .25-oz. chocolates with crisped rice that’s molded in the shape of each Hogwart’s House Crest, and comes in 12-count cases;

  • Chocolate Creatures, which features a .55-oz. chocolate with crisped rice that’s molded into the shape of one of six creatures or pets — Aragog, Crookshanks, Fang, Fluffy, Hedwig and Thestral — and includes collectible stickers. The packages are blind without a window, so the creature is a mystery until the bag is opened;

  • Gummi Creatures, which come in four flavor combinations — cherry/lime, cherry/blueberry, blueberry/lime and lime/orange — and come in the form of Fang, Fluffy, Buckbeak, Hedwig and Aragog;

  • Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, which is filled such unusual flavors as Soap Black Pepper, Dirt, Candyfloss and Earwax. It comes in a 1.2-oz. flip top box, 1.9-oz. grab and go bag, and 4.25-oz. gift box, that also includes a flavor guide on each package;

  • Chocolate Frogs, which contains a .55-oz. milk chocolate frog with crisped rice, and a lenticular collectible card featuring legendary witches and wizards from the Wizarding World; and

  • Jelly Slugs, which come in five flavors — banana, pear, sour cherry, tangerine and watermelon — and are packaged in a 2.1-oz. grab and go bag.

The collection will be available for purchase in the fall. Further information on the line can be found on Jelly Belly’s website.
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