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Jelly Belly intros clear gift boxes

Gifting Jelly Belly has never been easier.

The Fairfield, Calif.-based company has unveiled its new clear gift boxes, which allows for an arrangement similar to that of a candy store to take center stage.

Arranged in squared compartments that are specially curated, each of the flavors vibrant colors are visible through a clear, acrylic packaging. Available in 1 lb. boxes featuring 20 flavors and 1 lb. boxes with 40 flavors, the featured products include buttered popcorn, juicy pear, sizzling cinnamon and very cherry among others.

In addition, a special 4-oz. Jelly Belly Love Beans five-flavor clear gift box will be available for Valentine’s Day. The limited-edition package includes such flavors as jewel very cherry, red apple, coconut, cotton candy and cinnamon.

Further information on each of the packages can be found on the company’s website, where it also will be available for purchase.
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