Joint Juice launches water-based dietary supplement


SAN FRANCISCO Joint Juice, the creator of the original ready-to-drink glucosamine supplement, will be launching a new water-based dietary supplement product, Joint Juice Fitness, the company said Thursday.

The new product, which will be available in stores nationwide beginning Sept. 15, is a lightly flavored dietary supplement enhanced with 1,500 mg glucosamine per bottle, to hydrate joints, and with essential vitamins and water to hydrate bodies, the company claims. Each 16.9-ounce bottle has 10 calories. Joint Juice Fitness comes in Berry, Lemon and Kiwi-Strawberry flavors.

“With the new focus on living a long, active life in this country, everyone should think about what they can do today to keep their joints healthy to allow them to maintain their active lifestyles,” said Joint Juice CEO Jack Robertson. “We do hope that Joint Juice Fitness can be one part of people’s daily routine along with other steps for healthy living such as regular exercise and maintaining a proper weight.” 

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