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Keystone Bar & Grill brings macaroni and cheese to retail shelves

Keystone Bar & Grill is bringing tastes from its restaurants to consumers' tables.

The Cincinnati-based company announced that it has packaged its well-known mac and cheese product for 1,000 grocery store shelves.

Consumers can now find Keystone’s BBQ Chicken and Bacon and Buffalo Chicken mac and cheese on the shelves of more than 200 Kroger locations and 700 Walmart shelves.

“We worked for several months to perfect the recipe with our grocery product. It was very important to us to duplicate as close as possible that Keystone Bar & Grill experience you get when you dine with us at our restaurants,” Dan Cronican, managing partner of Keystone, said. “Our mac and cheese product at the grocery store is for everyone. Of course, kids love mac and cheese, but our mac is just as popular with the adults. With the addition of bbq chicken and bacon or buffalo chicken, we think our mac entrees appeal to everyone, especially busy families that want wholesome, hearty meals.”

Each of the products contains 30 g of protein and can be found in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Alabama, the company said.
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