Kind rolls out smaller portioned snacks

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Kind rolls out smaller portioned snacks

Kind is changing the way consumers snack.

The New York-based company announced the launch of its new Kind Minis, which contain 100 calories or less, and balance health and taste.

"For years, 100-calorie snacks have enjoyed a health halo due to their smaller pack sizes and lower calorie count, but in reality, they provide little nutritional value," Daniel Lubetzky, founder and CEO of Kind, said. "With Kind Minis, we aim to turn the industry's approach to small-portion single-serve snacks upside down. In so doing, we hope to shift the conversation so that it focuses less on quantity of calories and more on quality of ingredients."

Kind Minis has three bars with almonds, two lead with peanuts and one with cashews. In addition, select bars contain such fruits as cranberries and cherries, the company said.

Featured flavors in the product launch include dark chocolate nuts and sea salt; caramel almond and sea salt; peanut butter dark chocolate; dark chocolate cherry cashew; salted caramel and dark chocolate nut; and dark chocolate almond and coconut.

"It is not surprising that the food industry has leaned on flours, sugars and corn as first ingredients because they are so cheap. For example, corn flour costs 23 cents/pound, unbleached enriched flour costs 25 cents/pound and refined sugar costs 37 cents/pound. In comparison, almonds cost roughly $2.85/pound and cashews cost $4.25/pound," Lubetzky said. "The choice to use low cost, highly processed ingredients comes at a significant cost to consumers' health, and can increase the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes."

Kind Minis will be available for purchase on the company’s website and retailers nationwide. Further information can be found on Kind’s website.