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Knauss Foods debuts PJ's Beef Steak


QUAKERTOWN, Pa. — Knauss Foods has set its sights on the beef jerky market with the launch of PJ's Beef Steak.

Knauss Foods, a producer of dried beef products, said its new product is a healthy, all-natural, protein-packed meat snack made from the highest-quality lean cuts of 100% beef and is slow cooked without any artificial preservatives. PJ's Beef Steak currently is available in original, cracked pepper and teriyaki flavors.

"We're very excited about this new product launch," Knauss Foods VP sales Bill Carter said. "Today, the beef snack market requires an all-natural offering that meets the market need for healthier protein choices. Thanks to our unique seven-day cooking cycle and all-natural premium ingredients, PJ's offers a delicious alternative to traditional jerky."

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