Kraft's LiveActive Movement offers new solutions for digestive wellness


GLENVIEW, Ill. Kraft Foods has developed a way for its consumers to stay fit by keeping a watch on their digestive health.

The LiveActive Movement, aimed to assist Americans in maintaining their digestive (and overall) health through a customized plan of diet and exercise, shows how daily activities can impact digestive heath.

The program, developed by Kraft Foods and Leslie Bonci of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, uses the Internet to assess an individual’s digestive health, which is then taken further with the LiveActive Everyday Plan, exercise and food suggestions to promote what Kraft calls “gut health”.

“It’s really a comprehensive program that looks at key aspects of digestive health—from food choices and hydration to exercise and relaxation. Many people may not realize it, but being good to the gut isn’t just important for digestive health, it’s also important for overall health and wellness,” said Leslie Bonci of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

The plan also integrates a new line of LiveActive products to help keep digestive tract on track, which contain live and active cultures that are good for the body.

“At Kraft, we’re committed to finding innovative ways to helping people feel their best every day,” said Kirsten Lynch, vice president of marketing for Kraft Foods. “The LiveActive Movement does just that by bringing digestive health benefits through our great-tasting LiveActive products, as well as simple tips for maintaining digestive health.”

For more information about the LiveActive Movement, LiveActive products and tips on digestive health, visit

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