Low-acid coffee posed to be a hit among ‘green’ consumers


WOODLAND, Calif. While many food companies are upgrading their processing and packaging plants to run on renewable fuel sources, as well as making strides to cut back waste from packaging and adopt more sustainable manufacturing practices, one coffee company has turned to adapting its roasting process to make it more sustainable.

Puroast Low Acid Coffee, mountain grown in the Andes, is making waves for its innovative roasting technology. In a time-tested tradition, Puroast is roasted by wood-pellet fueled fires using only renewable resources. Puroast’s roasting methods and business model have even caught the attention of and received acclaim from The Sustainable Business Institute in San Jose, Calif., earning them SBI’s Seal of Sustainability in 2004.

“Puroast Low Acid Coffee is one of those cases where sustainability has actually led to a better consumer product—the economics and qualities of renewable, wood pellet fuel, enables us to make low acid coffee commercially viable and affordable to the American consumer,” said Puroast chief executive officer, Kerry Sachs.

Low acid coffee contains less than half the amount of acid of most popular brands, the company said, and is a good choice for people who frequently deal with acid reflux disease and heartburn.

Puroast Low Acid gourmet coffee is now available at retailers nationwide.

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