Makers of artificial sweeteners upgrade textures to better mimic sugar


LAKELAND, Fla. Producers of sweetening alternatives have been making greater strides as of late to assure that their products can imitate the melt-in-your-mouth texture of natural sugar, Internet reports said.

One example is Taste Advantage, a company that manufactures flavorings for alcoholic and ready-to-drink beverages. Taste Advantage has told reporters that its goal is to recreate the weight and texture that consumers of artificial sweeteners often have said they miss about sugar.

The company has been working on a closer-to-sugar sugar alternative for about two to three, reports said. Users have also reported that some sweeteners, have bitter or burning-like aftertastes, another dilemma for sweetener development.

Representatives from Taste Advantage have said that within the year they are set to release new, naturally-derived sweeteners that will more closely resemble the taste, texture and weight of real sugar.

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