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Market Track: Drug stores promoted candy more than any other category during Easter


NEW YORK — A new Market Track report highlighted what categories were most promoted by drug stores during this past Easter season.

According to the new report, drug stores shifted from promoting toys and games and boosted candy promotions. Market Track said "since candy is one of the central areas of focus around the event, drug stores [were] hoping to drive traffic with the additional promotional emphasis."

"In a year-over-year comparison, a definite shift in strategy can be seen among drug stores. Candy promotions start earlier, drop significantly the second week and then spike the week before Easter," Market Track said. "This could be in an effort to capture shoppers who get an early start, as well as those who wait until right before the holiday. Mass also has the highest level of promotions the week before Easter."

Market Track also noted that promotions on such items candy, food and decorations drove traffic and purchases both in the online and physical store. "As consumers continue to leverage multiple inputs into their purchase decisions, having a strategic and integrated cross channel plan is critical," Market Track noted.

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