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Mars, NASCAR re-sign contract for marketing partnership


MOUNT OLIVE, N.J. Mars North America announced that it will continue its partnership with NASCAR to marketing select products and candies. The companies made the announcement Monday to extend their alliance into a multiyear deal.

Mars has said that it will continue to cultivate relationships that support its outreach to racing fans through 2009.

Some of the Mars/ NASCAR joint sponsorship marketing events and activities for 2009 include: an M&Ms “Most Colorful Fan of NASCAR Contest” to run for 24 weeks with a launch at the Daytona 500; A Pedigree contest called The Luckiest Dog of NASCAR to kick off in April at the Pedigree-sponsored Taladega races; Snickers NASCAR sponsorship in stores nationwide; and Combos will launch a NASCAR-themed “Man Zone” promotion incorporated into packaging which will feature appearances at 10 race tracks into the beginning of the 2009 Sprint Cup Series season.

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