Media group runs online campaign for Mars’ Gummi Burst


BOSTON Rolling out is new Gummi Burst chewy Starburst candies, Mars has announced a partnership with Digitas digital content creator to extend its messahe that Gummi Burst individually-wrapped candies are perfect for sharing.

The “Share Something Juicy” campaign created by Digitas shows animated Starburst candies in Web videos YouTube. The videos have already become fodder for video bloggers.

Digitas senior vice president of marketing, Todd Stanley, said, “It really is a fresh look at their digital strategy. It’s targeting a very fickle and hard-to-reach ... audience for Starburst.”

Short videos promoting Gummi Burst are currently running on a specially-dedicated Starburst channel on YouTube. Bloggers and home video creators are encouraged to write about and participate in online messaging and discussions.

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