Meijer launches sustainable seafood program


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Meijer is launching a program that it said was designed to ensure that its seafood suppliers follow sustainability guidelines, the company said.

The mass merchandise retail chain announced that it would require suppliers to follow guidelines for farmed and wild-caught seafood; most of the seafood the chain sells comes from farms, as is the case with most of the industry, the company said.

"Meijer has a great track record of working with responsible seafood suppliers," Meijer CEO and co-chairman Hank Meijer said. "As we grow, the launch of this seafood sustainability initiative is simply the next step to ensuring we continue to provide our customers with seafood farmed and caught in the most responsible and sustainable way."

The initiative includes partnerships with the Global Aquaculture Alliance to ensure that farms adhere to best aquaculture practices, and with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to ensure sustainable fishing practices for wild-caught seafood.

"As Meijer continues to refine its seafood sustainability program, we have internally pledged to only work with seafood suppliers that share our commitment toward seafood sustainability and have a genuine interest in being involved in the solution," Meijer COO J.K. Symancyk said. "We expect our seafood suppliers to provide open communication and commit to full transparency as we work toward achieving the highest levels of seafood sustainability."

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