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MorningStar Farms teams up with Meatless Mondays campaign


BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — MorningStar Farms is looking to help consumers improve their eating habits.

The company has launched two new better-for-you meat alternatives, including Meal Starters veggie meatballs and reintroducing Veggie Dogs. What's more, the brand also is teaming up with the Meatless Monday campaign to help consumers make better decisions when it comes to their diet. To support the partnership, MorningStar Farms will engage customers with weekly promotions, contests and giveaways through its "MorningStar Farms Monday Button" on, which provides consumers with a weekly challenge and gives them the chance to collect prizes, such as a year's supply of product and a kitchen makeover.

"We're happy to welcome MorningStar Farms to the Meatless Monday movement, which is embraced by hundreds of thousands of people including nationally known chefs, schools, restaurants and whole communities in 21 countries around the world," said Peggy Neu, president of the Meatless Monday campaign. "Going meatless just one day a week is a simple, easy change that can have a big impact on your personal health and the health of the planet."

For more information about MorningStar Farms and the campaign, visit, or follow @MorningstrFarms on Twitter. For more information about Meatless Mondays, visit

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