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Mother’s Cake & Cookie Co. recipes bought by Kellogg Co.


BATTLE CREEK, Mich. Kellogg Co. has purchased Mother’s Cake and Cookie Co.’s recipes and trademarks and plans on incorporating the cookies in its snacks business unit that already includes popular cookie brands like Chips Deluxe and Fudge Shoppe, the company announced Thursday.

The breakfast and snack food giant wants to expand the cookie sales of Mother’s Cookies, according to Kellogg president and chief executive officer David Mackay, and will be reintroducing various Mother’s Cookies products.   

Mother’s Cake & Cookie Co. had filed for bankruptcy protection in October, due to unaffordable food and fuel costs, and Archway & mother’s Cookie Co. Inc. did not intend to continue U.S. operations. Its iced animal crackers, sandwich cookies and wire cut cookies were some of its most popular products, and the brand was popular many Western states.

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