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Mrs. Butterworth’s stages breakfast comeback


ST. LOUIS The marketing team for Mrs. Butterworth’s pancake and waffle syrup has put together the most extensive multi-platform campaign the brand has seen in about 10 years. The campaign is set to launch this week with TV ads, an interactive game and online contest, and a relaunch of the Mrs. Butterworth’s Web site.

Pinnacle Foods, the company that acquired Mrs. Butterworth’s in 2004, said the new ads target kids and moms.

“The ads are designed to introduce the talking Mrs. Butterworth bottle to a new generation of kids, and remind parents how Mrs. Butterworth makes breakfast fun,” Andy Reichgut, vice president of marketing at Pinnacle, Mountain Lakes, N.J., said.

The ad campaign speaks to the heritage of the Mrs. Butterworth’s brand, Pinnacle representatives said. Two TV ads focus on Mrs. Butterworth’s syrups, and a third promotes the interactive game. The redesigned Web site and interactive online game launch this week at

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