Mtn Dew introduces DEW-S-A


PURCHASE, N.Y. — As it gears up for summer, Mtn Dew is bringing together three of its most popular flavors for its latest launch, and teaming up with NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to promote the drink. Mtn Dew’s DEW-S-A combines its Code Red, White Out and Voltage flavors to create a red-white-and-blue combination of flavors, inspired by fans.

“We're excited to celebrate America and bring a brand new, limited-edition flavor to Dew Nation with Mtn Dew DEW-S-A — the perfect fan-inspired flavor for the summer," Mountain Dew senior director of marketing Chauncey Hamlett said. "We can't think of a better way to celebrate Mtn Dew DEW-S-A than with our decade-long partner Dale Earnhardt Jr., who brings the perfect blend of professionalism, humor and fun to every project, this one especially."

As part of its partnership with Earnhardt, the company has launched a spoof of a late-night infomercial that allows consumers to purchase the product via the call-in number. Additionally, at the Kansas Speedway on May 13, Earnhardt’s car will feature a DEW-S-A paintout, and there will be a two-minute in-show feature and a 30-second TV ad.

"It's awesome that Mtn Dew listened to the fans who were already creating the red, white and blue DEW-S-A mix," Earnhardt said. "I had a blast filming the infomercial with the DEW team and hope my 'pitchman skills' will help fill coolers across the country with DEW-S-A this summer."

DEW-S-A is available through August at retailer nationwide in 20-oz. bottles and 12-packs of 12-oz. cans, with 100 calories per 12 oz., the company said.

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