3 Musketeers takes on bullying with new 'anti-shade' campaign



HACKETTSTOWN, N.J. -- Mars Chocolate North America is getting emotional with its 3 Musketeers brand by introducing a new digital campaign designed to inspire and uplift by spreading moments of joy called #ThrowShine.

The company says #ThrowShine is designed to create an environment for young people to give props to their peers – or just make someone feel good and is the positive counterpart to the isolation and embarrassment that comes with throwing shade.

"This is an amazing opportunity to leverage the power of our brand to create a platform that spurs an environment of positivity," said Allison Miazga-Bedrick, 3 Musketeers brand director. "We plan to demonstrate how to #ThrowShine through a series of activations, including new packaging and digital video, but we're most excited to see fans share stories about their own #ThrowShine moments."

Fans can #ThrowShine by sharing one of the new 3 Musketeers bars that are available in retailers nationwide and feature 24 unique, uplifting messages. The messages vary from "you are awesome" to "you're one of a kind," which are all featured in a bright, burst of color on the front of the packaging.

The brand will also demonstrate what it means to #ThrowShine in a unique new digital video series created by Tribal Worldwide. The series features three different videos which each showcase a different perspective of a moment when one teen takes the time to #ThowShine to another with a 3 Musketeers bar. The videos feature a reimagined version of "This Little Light of Mine" by teen music sensation Bea Miller and will be released over the next couple of weeks on the brand's social platforms, as well as various digital networks.


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