Nature's One seeks to eliminate arsenic from baby formula


LEWIS CENTER, Ohio — Organic baby formula brand Nature's One said it is committed to minimize or eliminate environmental contaminants, such as arsenic and other heavy metals.

"It is not enough to talk about what is added to a formula to make it beneficial," Nature's One CEO Jay Highman said. "Instead, we need to talk about what is not in the formula or baby's first foods. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals go undetected because they are not tested routinely, or are concealed under current labeling regulations. The company's founding goal has always been to identify and eliminate toxins that may negatively impact human development."

The company said it first introduced organic formula in 1999. Nature's One said it was the first to eliminate the use of pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, corn syrup, algae/fungus oils and bisphenol-A. The scope of this purity pledge now has expanded to include contaminants that "transcend both organically and conventionally grown foods." Its expanded purity initiative also encourages other formula and baby food manufacturers to follow its lead utilizing the best science and technology to accomplish this goal.

"Our purity initiative has no ending point; eliminating or minimizing these toxins should be a goal for all companies who want to provide the very best in nutritional and developmental health," Highman said.

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