Nestle responds to allegations over FDA compliance


SOLON, Ohio The situation described in the June 26 edition of the Wall Street Journal bears no relation to Nestle's recent voluntary withdrawal of Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie dough, the company stated.

In response to the the article published in the newspaper, Nestle said that it "always fully cooperates with the regulatory authorities wherever it operates, and Nestle is fully cooperating with the Food and Drug Administration at our Danville, Va., plant in this matter. To date, no E.coli 0157:H7 has been found in our plant or in any Nestle product."

Nestle also said that it rejected the Wall Street Journal's implication that it did not cooperate with the FDA. The company pointed out that during an inspection of its plant in September 2006, no food safety issues were identified and that it passed its regulatory inspection.

"It is our standard policy to provide the FDA and other government agencies access during routine inspections to all reports that are required by law," Nestle said of its compliance with the FDA. "Nestle continues to fully cooperate with the FDA on this ongoing investigation, and is openly sharing all requested information."

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