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A new brand competes for sparkling water consumers


SHELBURNE, Ontario -- Bottled water brand Ice River Springs is launching a line of sparkling spring water under the Ice River Green brand name.

The company will offer four varieties of Ice River Green Carbonated Spring Water. One is unflavored and the other three have natural organic citrus flavors: Lemon, Lime and Orange Tangerine.

The company says the three flavors are made with organic fruit oils that are pressed from fruit grown in organic orchards. The flavors are certified organic by Quality Assurance International, a U.S.based international organic certification company that is USDA-accredited.

The brand its sprakling waters have the characteristics of famous brands of sparkling water imported from Europe.

"The market for sparkling spring water is growing extremely rapidly," stated Sandy Gott, co-owner of Ice River Springs. "Contemporary consumers want a completely healthy beverage, without calories, sugar, artificial sweeteners and sodium, and with a choice of zesty organic flavors."

The new sparkling waters will be available at retailers across the United States and Canada.

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