New Special K cereal and snack offer less calories for the weight-conscious consumer


BATTLE CREEK, Mich. Surveys say that only about 8% of Americans actually end up keeping their New Year's resolution, and Kellogg Company is introducing two new products in an effort to change this. Special K Crackers and Special K Blueberry put a dent in appetites without putting consumers a step behind on their weight loss plans.

Ninety percent of women crave snacks during the day, often in the afternoon.

With only 90 calories for every 17 crackers, Special K Crackers provide the crunch women crave in an afternoon snack without the guilt. The crackers are Special K?s first-ever snack and offer 8 g of whole grains in every 8-oz.pantry pack. The snack is available in Tomato & Herb and Multi-Grain flavors.  

A November study from The General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition in Minneapolis reported that eating cereal for breakfast may help manage people?s weight and encourage a more healthy eating regimen throughout the day. According to Kellogg, Special K Blueberry Cereal with skim milk, fruit and black coffee totals less than 250 calories. The cereal combines crunchy rice, whole-wheat and blueberry flavored flakes with oat and blueberry flavored clusters.

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