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Nielsen: Beer, wine and spirits see summer sales uptick

As the temperatures rise, so does the itch to reach for a cold one, according to new data from Nielsen.

The summer months have begun to lead in sales to the point that on-premise domestic super premium and domestic premium beer sold 40% and 39% of their annual dollars, respectively, throughout the summer, according to recent data obtained by Nielsen.

In the four-week period around Independence Day, both categories made 8% of those summertime sales, with domestic premium beer at $684 million in sales in off-premise channels.

When it comes to budget beer, 32% of its dollar sales took place during the summer of 2017, and only 2% of its sales within off-premise channels occurred during the four weeks around the Fourth of July holiday during the same time period.

Another big summertime drink, rosé, saw sales rise 48% during the summer of 2017, with sales peaking during the week of the Fourth of July.

Such spirits as gin, rum and vodka saw significant sales during the summer, as well, but tequila sold 40% of its dollar sales during the summer season. Eight percent of its sales took place during the four-week period around the Fourth of July, and $106 million was spent on the drink’s flavored varieties during the same holiday season.
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