Nissin Foods takes Top Ramen on the go

Nissin Foods is making its Top Ramen line even easier to enjoy.

The Gardena, Calif.-based company is introducing consumers to its new Top Ramen Bowl, which makes instant ramen microwaveable and enjoyable while on-the-go.

By removing the need for additional cooking equipment, the brand’s new microwaveable bowl prepares the meal in just three minutes, the company said.

"As the original instant ramen in the U.S. since 1970, Top Ramen has become a cherished household staple across the nation." Gary Lai, the director of marketing for Nissin Foods said. "We noticed that most of our consumers were only able to enjoy their delicious Top Ramen at home, seeing as they needed a stove to cook the meal. Now, Top Ramen Bowl has simplified the preparation process – only requiring water and a microwave – which allows our fans to enjoy their favorite meal on-the-go to better suit their active lifestyles."

Each Top Ramen Bowl includes a sauce/oil pouch and vegetables. Consumers have the ability to create a two-in-one mix of flavors by laying on the complimentary sauce.

In addition, the product also features the traditional seasoning from the Original Top Ramen with no added MSG and reduced sodium content, the company said.

"The current instant ramen bowl segment appeals to spicy consumers with 95% of flavors being spicy, despite 75% of noodle cup consumers preferring non-spicy flavors," Lai added. "Consumers need a wider, more broadly appealing range of flavors to meet their preferences. As a household ramen brand, we believe it's our responsibility to fill the gap."

Featured varieties of Top Ramen Bowls include chicken, shrimp and soy sauce, which can be found at such retailers as Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, ShopRite, Weis, Dollar General, 99 Cents Only and Amazon.