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Nutella asks FDA to reclassify the spread as a jam


WASHINGTON -- Nutella's maker, Ferrero, has petitioned the FDA to have the chocolate hazelnut spread reclassified into the same category as jam and honey, which has a smaller serving size.

In a petition to the FDA, Ferrero writes that the two-tablespoon serving size on the U.S. label could be confusing and make people think they should use that much on their toast.

“Because Nutella is used in the same manner as jams and jellies, uniformity in RACC values among Nutella, jams, and jellies would enable consumers to make informed nutritional comparisons of these similar products,” Ferrero wrote in its petition.

The FDA sets “reference amounts customarily consumed,” or RACC for 139 categories of food products. That helps determine serving size. Since 1993, the FDA has considered Nutella among “other dessert toppings.” 

Read more about Ferrero's claim by clicking here.

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