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Oberto’s flank steak revamps classic beef jerky

Oberto Snacks is putting a major spin on classic beef jerky.

The Seattle-based brand is turning flank steak into jerky through its Cattleman’s Cut Brand. To turn this meat into the grab-and-go snack, the company marinates strips of flank steak for 48 hours before slow cooking them.

“We’ve seen a remarkable response from customers about this new product,” Tom Hernquist, chief executive officer and president of Oberto Snacks, said. “The delicious taste and very tender texture of our new flank steak product are unlike anything else in our category. It’s a perfect fit for our loyal consumers who want great tasting, high-quality beef jerky at an excellent value.”

Through research conducted with Qualtrics’ New Product Survey in April 2018, the company was able to discover that consumers have a hankering for a jerky product made from flank steak beef. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed admitted to wanting to purchase a jerky product created from this cut of meat.

Oberto’s Cattleman’s Cut, which was introduced in 2016 with three varieties — original, steakhouse and teriyaki — has become its fourth-largest brand in the convenience channel, the company said.

Further information on the product or any of the brand's other offerings can be found on its website.
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