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Pepsi brands lemon-flavored NFL cola


PURCHASE, N.Y. Pepsi Company has announced a specially branded version of its popular Pepsi soft drink to support the NFL. “Pepsi Lemon NFL Kickoff” cola is slated to hit retail shelves later this summer.

PepsiCo said that diet and regular versions of its limited-release, lemon-flavored soda will be available in 20-oz., two-liter and 12-packs of cans from August 11 through November. Pepsi Lemon NFL Kickoff colas will also support the Pepsi Stuff promotion, where consumers can collect points from codes found on product caps to redeem for coupons and sweepstakes entries.

Pepsi Lemon NFL Kickoff colas will be available across the United States and will have TV, print and online advertising runs, including a spot featuring quarterback Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys.

PepsiCo has not released the advertising budget for the Pepsi Lemon NFL Kickoff campaign, but Pepsi spent $27 million on ads at the same time last year, reports from Nielsen Monitor-Plus said.

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