Pepsi Next extends campaign with 'Internet Taste Test'


PURCHASE, N.Y. — Pepsi Next is using social media for its latest marketing campaign.

Part of its "Drink it to Believe it" campaign, Pepsi Next, designed to provide consumers with real cola taste with 60% less sugar, has launched the "Internet Taste Test" on its Facebook page. The taste test taps comedians and actors from who will do their best impressions of selected consumer and notable personalities' "online personas" trying Pepsi Next and use relevant information from their profiles, such as recent "experiences" and "likes." The first taste test kicks off with a video starring actor and comedian Rob Riggle, the company said.

"To launch Pepsi Next, we're focused on getting consumers to 'Drink it to Believe it' — even online, in a fun and uniquely digital way," PepsiCo head of digital Shiv Singh said. "The Pepsi Next Internet Taste Test demonstrates how a brand can utilize social media to create consumer-driven, personalized branded entertainment."

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