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PepsiCo plans to promote recycling with ad campaign


PURCHASE, N.Y. Pepsi-Cola North America will begin placing messages on Pepsi products reminding consumers to recycle cans, the company announced yesterday.

Pepsi’s “Have we met before?” campaign is based on recycling facts, provided by the National Recycling Coalition, and will be placed on about 500 million Pepsi each month, as well as 250 million Diet Pepsi cans. The company says this launch is aimed at affecting consumer’s behavior to encourage recycling every day.

The ads claim that the average person may have the opportunity in one lifetime to recycle 25,000 cans, and the average soda can made in the United States could be made from 40 to 50 percent recycled aluminum.

The vice president of colas for Pepsi-Cola North America, Russell Weiner, said, “It’s important for all of us—companies and individuals—to do our part and recycling is one of the easiest ways to get involved.”

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