Perdue caters to flexitarians with veggie blended Chicken Plus

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Perdue caters to flexitarians with veggie blended Chicken Plus

Perdue is catering to families who are searching for various ways to get their children to eat vegetables.

The Salisbury, Md.-based company announced the launch of its new Chicken Plus Nuggets, Tenders and Patties collection.

"Perdue Chicken Nuggets have been a staple for families for years, but we wanted to provide an easy way to round out the meal and help parents put an end to the 'eat your vegetables' battle," Eric Christianson, the chief marketing officer for Perdue said. "By blending plants and vegetables with the Perdue chicken families love, not only are we helping to meet demands for millions of parents but we are appealing to the growing number of flexitarian families who have an increased commitment to getting more plants and vegetables in their families' diets."

Blended with such vegetables as cauliflower, chickpeas and plant proteins, each serving contains a one-quarter cup of vegetables and is made with 100% all-natural ingredients and no antibiotics, the company said.

"Boosting meat with high-quality plant protein is a great way to give the consumer more choices while enhancing both sustainability and nutrition," Paul Shapiro, the chief executive officer of Better Meat, with whom Perdue partnered to source some of the plant-based ingredients, said.

In addition, the new launch is also available in the Panko Dino Chicken Plus Nuggets variety.

"We are very pleased that Perdue is offering a blended product, and we welcome this important step forward. By integrating plants into their core products, Perdue has started on the journey to diversify their offerings and meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based proteins," Alison Rabschnuk, the director of corporate engagement at The Good Food Institute said. "Perdue is listening to consumers and responding to the meteoric rise in interest in plant-based foods. It's clear from the research that consumers are looking for plant-based foods that deliver on taste, texture, and nutrition, while also offering flavor experiences that are familiar."

The brand's new Chicken Plus products come in a 22-oz. bag that retails for $6.99 and will hit the freezer aisles nationwide in September.