Radioactive Energy Drink gets formula, packaging revamp


CHICAGO — Radioactive Energy Drink has been reformulated and relaunched in 16-oz. cans from Rexam.

The beverage, which doesn't contain artificial colors, preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup, now has less calories and sugar while touting added vitamins. Additionally, the new Rexam cans feature updated graphics that include fluorescent ink that glows in the dark under a black light.

"Our beverage is perfect for the health conscious consumer who wants a boost to support their active lifestyle," Radioactive CEO Joseph Rossi said. "Our distinctive formulation provides superior energy that helps fuel a busy day. And through our excellent partnership with Rexam, we are able to provide it in a great-looking new can with glow-in-the-dark graphics that really 'pop' off retail shelves."

Radioactive currently is available at select retailers in California, Nevada and Illinois. It soon will be available in Arizona and New Mexico, with plans for continued expansion throughout the year.

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