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Red Bull adds hybrid delivery trucks to fleet


WARRENVILLE, Ill. Red Bull has announced the addition of four hybrid delivery trucks to its U.S. fleet. Brand-new Navistar International DuraStar hybrid trucks were delivered this week to the Red Bull Southern Nevada Distribution Center, to be driven for deliveries in and around the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

Jim Williams, director of sales and distribution of new products at Navistar, the company that builds the hybrid delivery trucks said, “We’re proud that Red Bull recognizes the importance of green transportation for the environment. We need more companies like this to take a stance and add hybrid vehicles to their fleets.”

The hybrid diesel-electric trucks are capable of getting 30 percent to 40 percent better fuel efficiency. In addition, they release about 35 percent less nitrogen oxide and 33 percent less hydrocarbon emissions than regular diesel trucks.

Each truck will save Red Bull around $4,000 a year on fuel costs, the companies said.

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