Report: Bottled water consumption jumps by more than 4%


ALEXANDRIA, Va. — U.S. bottled water consumption increased to 9.1 billion gallons in 2011, up 4.1% from 2010, according to a new report.

The International Bottled Water Association, in conjunction with Beverage Marketing Corp., found that while other major beverage categories, such as carbonated soft drinks, milk, and fruit beverages, continue to suffer declines in consumption, bottled water rates head in the opposite direction. IBWA and BMC found that in addition to the increase in consumption by 4.1%, per-capita consumption was up 3.2% in 2011, with every person in America drinking an average of 29.2 gallons of bottled water last year.

"People choose bottled water for a variety reasons," IBWA VP communications Chris Hogan said. "Many consumers are focusing on healthful choices for themselves and their families, and they know that crisp, refreshing bottled water has zero calories and is the healthiest option on the shelf. They also appreciate the reliable, consistent quality of bottled water."

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