ReportersNotebook — Consumables, 03/12/12


SUPPLIER NEWS — Jelly Belly has introduced a new line of jelly beans inspired by Snapple beverages. Jelly Belly Snapple Mix is made with natural ingredients, including real fruit juice, Snapple juice drink concentrates and fruit purees. It also does not contain artificial coloring, Jelly Belly said. The product will be packaged in a 1.65-oz. bottle that is modeled after the real Snapple Juice Drink bottles. In addition to the new 1.65-oz. Jelly Belly Snapple Bottle, Jelly Belly Snapple Mix also is available in a 3.1-oz. bag, a 6.5-oz. bag and 4.5-oz. box. Jelly Belly Snapple Mix will be available in fruit punch, mango madness, cranberry raspberry, pink lemonade and kiwi strawberry flavors.

Mars Chocolate North America has switched its 540-calorie king-size bar to a multipiece format to enable sharing or saving for later use. Mars said it labels the items 2toGo, 4toGo and Sharing Size. “These formats generally represent more than a single portion and are clearly labeled as such,” a Mars representative said. The company also introduced a Twist Wrap wrapper with “memory” that allows the consumer to twist the wrapper closed, making it easier to save a piece for later.

Hain Celestial has added a nondairy-based yogurt to its portfolio. The company said it launched a low-fat yogurt line, made with real almonds, under the Almond Dream brand that would cater to lactose-intolerant customers or those looking for less dairy. The yogurt line will be available in four flavors: plain, vanilla, strawberry and mixed berry.

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