Skinny Cow expands Slimited Editions line


OAKLAND, Calif. — A new lineup of treats has come to retail from the Skinny Cow brand.

New Skinny Cow Slimited Editions Shake-Stirs allows snackers to enjoy a low-fat frozen shake by adding skim milk to an 11-oz. self-serve cup. The shakes currently are available in White Mint Cookie and Double Chocolate Crumble varieties for a suggested retail price of $1.79 for each single serving.

In addition to the Slimited Editions Shake-Stirs, Skinny Cow also has added three new ice cream flavors to its Slimited Editions line: Oh Fudge Nuts! low-fat ice cream cone, Mmmmocha Truffle ice cream bars and Best of Both Swirleds low-fat ice cream sandwich. The new Skinny Cow Slimited Editions flavors are available nationwide with a suggested retail price of $5.49 for a box of the cones, bars and sandwiches.

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