Sparkling Ice unveils new formula, package redesign

Sparkling Ice has a brand new look.

The Preston, Wash.-based company, which is part of the Talking Rain Beverage portfolio, has revamped the beverage by unveiling a new formula, an updated logo and package redesign.

Sparkling Ice updated its sparkling water line, which is sugar-free, to include colors from natural sources, while also maintaining its well-known shelf life, the company said.

"Our commitment to our fans has been evident since we launched 26 years ago, and it continues today as we announce the new changes to Sparkling Ice," Chris Hall, CEO of Talking Rain Beverage, said. "The new and improved Sparkling Ice look and formula have been two years in the making to ensure we are exceeding fans' expectations while maintaining our bold flavor and appearance, without compromising on taste."

As part of its revamp, the brand will release an integrated campaign that highlights its updates with the hashtags #SparklingIceLife, #Natrlly and #GetFizzy.

"At Talking Rain, we are committed to developing brands that consumers embrace, trust and enjoy," Hall said. "Our fans told us it was time for a change and we heard them, and we're proud to offer an updated look while maintaining our brand personality."

Sparkling Ice’s new formula is now available in retail locations nationwide.

"This launch speaks to those consumers who love the taste of our products, now with the addition of naturally sourced colors and flavors," Sarah Gustat, vice president of marketing at Talking Rain Beverage, said. "We're confident in our new-and-improved look and believe both the launch and our corresponding integrated campaign will be yet another milestone for the brand."