Sprout Foods introduces organic toddler meals


ATLANTA — Sprout Foods is broadening its current pouched baby food portfolio with the launch of a line of organic toddler meals.

The company said the toddler entrées offer a variety of nutritious, organic ingredients, including meats, whole grains, beans and fruits and vegetables, but are free from preservatives and additives. The lineup includes eight varieties, including:

  • Pasta, zucchini and tomato sauce with beef;

  • Vegetable and potato stew with beef;

  • Sweet potato and apple risotto with turkey;

  • Vegetable and white bean stew with turkey;

  • Vegetable and potato chowder with chicken;

  • Vegetable and barley stew with chicken;

  • Macaroni and cheese with butternut squash; and

  • Vegetable risotto with quinoa and parmesan.

Sprout organic toddler meals are packaged in a 6.5-oz., microwaveable, BPA-free and recyclable containers and are available at grocery, mass and online retailers nationwide.

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