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Stacy's heats up the chip aisle with latest product


PLANO, Texas — Pita chip brand Stacy's is heating up the winter months with the addition of Stacy's Fire Roasted Jalapeno chips.


Real jalapeno peppers are baked into the pita chips, providing an authentic, subtle heat, the company said. The chips complement dips, hummus, guacamole and salsa. The company noted that the chips also pair well with white wine and hot chocolate for a unique take on a winter snacking experience. 


"Stacy's pita chips are known for their incredible flavors and the authentic pita chip crunch," said Nicole Cavin, senior director of marketing for the Stacy's brand. "New Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pita Chips brings a whole new level of flavor to the brand, combining both of those elements. It's perfect for those who enjoy a little kick with their mid-day snack or want to liven up their entertainment spread."


Stacy's Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pita Chips are available beginning this month in 7.33 oz. bags, and carry a suggested retail price of $3.99. 

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