Stouffer's extends Farmers' Harvest line


SOLON, Ohio — Stouffer's has introduced new single-serve meals under its Farmers' Harvest line.

New Stouffer's Farmers' Harvest steam meals-for-one line offers single-serve meals that are packaged in a new Steam Perfect Bag to deliver a flavorful, no-fuss meal in minutes, the company said.

"At Stouffer's, we know today's busy consumers don't always have the time to purchase and prepare great tasting, wholesome meals with quality ingredients — that is why we are so excited about our new Farmers' Harvest steam meals-for-one," Stouffer's director Kelly Malley said. "The combination of farm-picked ingredients and steam technology via the innovative Steam Perfect Bag allows us to lock in all of the amazing flavors and bring consumers the fresh, delicious taste they crave in a meal."

The product, which has a suggested retail price of $3.89, is offered in five new varieties including chicken florentine, creamy shrimp scampi, five cheese tortelloni, garlic chicken and cheesy southwest-style chicken.

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