Sumseeds introduce three new flavors


SIOUX FALLS, N.D. Who says all sunflower seeds taste the same? Sumseeds, the first caffeinated and energized sunflower seeds on the market, have announced the distribution of three new flavors.

Sumseeds will now be available in dill pickle, honey BBQ and salt and pepper. The new flavors are currently available in stores nationwide in a personal sized bag (1.75 oz.).

Since their launch, Sumseeds has been endorsed by baseball hall-of-famer Tony Gwynn, and has also received industry praise for its packaging design.

Sumseeds, introduced to the world this past January, lay claim on being the only sunflower seeds that give consumers a “kick” of caffeine, ginseng, lysine and taurine in every bite. 

“Our customers can expect two things from Sumseeds,” said Tim Walter, Dakota Valley Products president.  “One, energy. Two, excellent taste, seed after seed. Now with our new flavors, our customers expect great taste from shell to nut.”

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