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Tastykake and Hershey's release Kandy Bar Kakes, share Halloween dessert ideas


Now you can have your cake and eat it with candy, too. Tastycake and Hershey's have teamed up to create Kandy Bar Kakes — part perfectly baked cake and part candy, made with quality ingredients.

Kandy Bar Kakes are available in 2.1-oz. single-serve sizes and 5-count multipacks in three varieties: s'mores, made with Hershey's Cocoa; peanut butter, made with Reese's peanut butter; and peppermint, made with York Peppermint flavor.

The sweet treats have a suggested retail price of $1.69 for the single-serve size and $3.99 for the multipack, and are sold at mass merchandisers, supermarkets and convenience stores.

In the spirit of Halloween, Tastycake has created some simple and affordable ideas for spooky desserts that consumers can make with Kandy Bar Kakes:

Coffin Cakes: These terrifying treats are made with Peppermint Kandy Bar Kakes and ready-made chocolate frosting. With a knife, trim the long edges of the cake into a coffin shape and cover the entire cake with chocolate frosting. For that final frightening touch, outline the cake with white icing and spell out R.I.P. at the top.

Spooky S'more Pops: Campfire ghost stories are the inspiration behind this Halloween treat. Cut in half a S'mores Kandy Bar Kake and insert a lollipop stick into each half. Cover the entire cake with marshmallow fluff, making sure to coat a portion of the lollipop stick. Roll the cake in crumbled graham crackers and place in the freezer for 15 minutes until the marshmallow and graham cracker coating hardens.

Creepy Crawly Cake Bites: Satisfy even the most ghoulish guests with bite-sized treats made with the Peanut Butter Kandy Bar Kake. Simply cut the cake in half width-wise, place four licorice pieces into each side for legs, and top with two candy corns for eyes to create a creepy crawly spider.

Devilish Dirt Cups: Make guests squirm with delicious "dirt" cups made with any of the Kandy Bar Kakes. Crumble the cakes into small pieces and mix with chocolate pudding. Top the cake mixture with a few colorful gummy worms and serve in petite mason jars for a trendy touch.

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