Tide Coldwater offers a cool, energy-efficient way to clean in cold


CINCINNATI Tide Coldwater, a specially-designed formula for cold water washing, is set to prove that washing in cold can be a great way to get a fresh, deep clean.

As energy costs continue to rise, Americans are looking to find simple ways to cut back on energy use in order to save money. Since cold washing is more energy-efficient,  Tide Coldwater ensures great performance and energy savings. Additionally, Tide has also expanded its Coldwater portfolio with Tide Coldwater HE, formulated for high efficiency washing machines.

Tide Coldwater is now available for every type of washing machine.

"We are always looking for ways to provide value to the consumer," said Suzanne Watson, associate marketing director for Tide. "By using Tide Coldwater and washing in cold on a consistent basis, consumers can save energy and money while still getting a high standard of clean. With Tide Coldwater and Tide Coldwater HE, we're hoping to dispel the myth that consumers have to turn up the heat in order to get their clothes clean."

Tide Coldwater and Tide Coldwater HE are available at most retail stores nationwide. The suggested retail price is $14.49 for a 100 oz. bottle of Tide Coldwater or Tide Coldwater HE. Actual retail price is subject to change at the individual retailer's discretion. For more information, please visit www.tidecoldwater.com.

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