Trident introduces Xtra Care gum with calcium


NEW YORK Cadbury Adams USA has added a new product to its Trident sugarless chewing gum line that helps replenish minerals in teeth.

Trident Xtra Care gum contains Recaldent, a type of milk-based calcium that strengthens tooth enamel and fills the small crevices that can develop into cavities. Cadbury Adams USA has exclusive rights to use Recaldent in chewing gum.

"Cadbury has an extensive history of developing innovations in chewing gums, and Trident Xtra Care represents a significant advance in the chewing gum category," said Doris Tancredi, vice president of Regulatory and Emerging Science at Cadbury Americas. "Recaldent is a powerful ingredient that actually replenishes calcium and phosphate to remineralize and protect teeth by filling in the tiny crevices where cavities can form2. The result is that teeth become stronger and less vulnerable to future damage."

Xtra Care gum is available in most drugstores. Suggested retail prices are $1.49 for single packs and $3.29 for multi-packs.

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