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Troop Fuel salutes veterans


CHICAGO — A new line of patriotic beverages has hit the market.

Troop Fuel is a line of caffeinated beverages, which tout 55 mg of caffeine and a blend of blend of vitamins and nutrients. The brand's name reflects its mission to thank and support those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

As part of its mission, Troop Fuel is donating 10% of its sales to veteran's causes, including the National Guard Emergency Relief Fund, the Wounded Warrior Project, Wheelers4Warriors and Troop Vision, Troop Fuel's own nonprofit organization whose goal is eradicating veteran homelessness by 2017.

Available in original and sugar-free varieties and packaged in 12-oz. Rexam Sleek cans, Troop Fuel currently is available at select retailers in Arizona and Alabama and will continue to roll out nationwide.

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