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Two top bread brands return to the market after almost two years


IRVING, Tex. After a nearly two-year hiatus, two of the top sellers in breads are making their way back into retailers throughout the Southern California market, according to Interstate Brands Corp., the baker of both breads.

Before the two-year production pause, Home Pride was renowned as the best selling brand of premium white bread and everyday wheat bread; and Wonder, the No. 1 brand of white bread in the nation, was also amongst the top sellers in Southern California.

To kick off the reintroduction, IBC has offered to donate 5,000 loaves of bread to the San Diego Food Bank, as well as the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, to support their missions of providing food to people in need. 

IBC also announced that its new Nature's Pride bread, the first brand of 100% natural bread available nationwide, has expanded its west coast distribution and is now sold throughout Southern California.

"Today marks an exciting day for IBC, our union employees and management team, our wonderful retail partners and the scores of loyal Southern California consumers who spoke up, made their voices heard and urged us to bring back their favorite breads," said Mark Walsh, SVP and general manager of IBC's California business unit. "With a successful restructuring now behind us, we are a stronger company with a revamped cost structure, which now enables us to respond to consumer demand and distribute our breads in an efficient, profitable way."

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