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Welch’s fruit snacks add a superfruit mix

Welch’s is looking to give the snack aisle a bit of revamp, thanks to its new superfruit mix.

The Allendale, N.J.-based company’s new line of fruit snacks contains an assortment of such superfruit flavor blends as pomegranate-passionfruit, starfruit-kiwi, dragonfruit-blackberry, acai-blueberry and goji-apricot.

“With over ten varieties available in our Welch's fruit snacks line, we take pride in continuing to offer innovative fruit snacks choices for our consumers,” Josh Shapiro, senior vice president of marketing for The Promotion In Motion Companies, saod. “With the launch of Welch's fruit snacks superfruit mix, we're thrilled to treat parents and kids of all ages with a flavor exploration and unmatched multisensory experience with this new and tasty variety.”

Welch’s fruit snacks superfruit mix is gluten-free, fat-free, and does not contain preservatives or color from artificial sources. The snacks are available in a 10-ct box with 0.8-oz. pouches that retail for $2.99, 22ct box with 0.8-oz. pouches for $5.49, a 5-oz. bag for $1.99 and 2.25-oz. bag for $1.00.

Further information on the product can be found on the company's website.
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