Wise Snacks launches summer giveaway promos


NEW YORK and BOSTON Wise Snack Foods has said that it will go to the streets in two major cities to launch a sampling campaign led by snack ambassadors to get the word out about Wise for the summer.

A Wise-sponsored “Snack Squad” will have a presence at high-traffic events in New York and Boston, the company has said. Wise representatives will give out $0.25 bags of Cheez Doodles and Wise potato chips.

Also as part of the campaign, players from the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets will make special appearances at the Wise snack stations. In all, the Snack Squad will visit 35 events.

Subway posters and radio spots are going up around New York and in Boston there will be subway platform posters, cards inside train cars, as well as TV and radio spots, the company said.

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